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Humana Releases 2016-2017 CSR Report, Announces Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Today Humana released its 2016-2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, detailing examples of our efforts to be a good corporate citizen and to improve health and well-being.

The Report highlights key accomplishments related to Humana’s Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Performance CSR pillars.

Healthy People: This section of the Report details Humana’s efforts to improve the health of employees, members and communities we serve. You’ll find information on Humana’s progress toward our Bold Goal and about our Bold Goal communities here.

Healthy Planet: Our commitment to environmental sustainability and how it relates to well-being is detailed in this section of the report, including updates on environmental goals we’ve been pursuing. Since 2014, we reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6 percent and diverted 40 percent of waste from landfills by using less and recycling more.

Healthy Performance: Humana’s commitment to excellence in business standards and practices is detailed in this section of the report, including our efforts to promote inclusion and diversity through our Network Resource Groups (NRGs). More than 25 percent of Humana employees participate in the NRGs, and those who do report higher purpose and belonging scores on our annual well-being index.

In the report, Humana announced its commitment to three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), becoming one of the first U.S. health insurers to commit to the international targets. The selected SDGs align well with Humana’s CSR pillars:

  • “Good Health and Well-being” (Goal #3) calls for organizations to reduce deaths from chronic illness and cover essential health services, echoing Humana’s responsibility as a health services provider and purpose to help people achieve their best health. This goal aligns well with our Healthy People work.

  • “Responsible Consumption and Production” (Goal #12) is the UN’s call for sustainable consumption and production patterns. This goal is in line with Humana’s environmental sustainability efforts and aligns well with our Healthy Planet work.

  • “Decent Work and Economic Growth” (Goal #8) promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. It fits well with Humana’s values-driven culture and focus on inclusion and diversity – creating work environments where everyone feels welcome and safe to be their true selves. This goal aligns with our Healthy Performance work.

To learn more about Humana’s CSR efforts, read the 2016-2017 CSR Report.

This media release was originally posted on the Humana website.

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