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Tata Group Launches Report on its Contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The Tata group today announced the launch of We Dream of a Better World report which maps out Tata group’s contribution in business, CSR and philanthropy.

The 65 case studies from the report capture the various initiatives of the Tata group companies, across geographies, and of the Tata Trusts’ philanthropy efforts in India. These are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identified in September 2015, and subsequently agreed on and committed to by 193 countries.

The SDGs are the world’s most ambitious vision for sustainable development yet and will reshape the practice of development globally, including the role of the private sector. The Tata group believes that the role of business is not just about giving back to society from its profits but also about ensuring that the processes it employs to earn these profits are ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sound.

Commending the Tata group on its vision, Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator in India, said, “India’s private sector will play a critical role in addressing the country’s most pressing development problems through developing commercially viable business models, and offering solutions that can be scaled to achieve the SDGs”.

Dr Mukund Rajan, chairman, Tata Global Sustainability Council, said “We continue to be guided by Jamsetji Tata’s business philosophy and by the new opportunities that the SDGs present to us, to meaningfully impact the global discourse, design and developmental agenda. So, this report is a testimony to the difference we are making in the world through our business innovations or by helping the communities in need”.

The Tata group has always been committed to integrating environmental, social, and ethical principles into its core business. The culture of giving back to society flows from the tradition of nation and community building sowed more than a century ago. This SDGs report will help guide, shape, implement, monitor and report company-wide initiatives, providing the business case for staying invested in sustainable development for the long term.

This media release was originally posted on the Tata group website.


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